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About MMNA Consultants

Our expertise and our services are based on more than 30 years of experience in the agri-food sector, industrial and research laboratories as well as a very diversified expertise developed and perfected over the years.

Numerous international assignments have allowed us to familiarize ourselves with best practices and ways of doing things across the globe while sharpening our practical sense ; most often ending up to work with the means at hand . This has built in a lot of practical sense into our actions that are firmly anchored in reality .

We have also participated in multiple Canadian projects as well as many international missions and projects ( United States , Puerto Rico , Japan , Morocco , Viet Nam , Hong Kong ) in the fisheries, meat and seafood sectors. analysis laboratories .

Martin Michaud MMNA Consultants.jpg
Martin Michaud,
Biochemist, Professional Chemist, M.Sc. Biology

Martin Michaud is a consultant, Biochemist and Professional Chemist, member in good standing of the "Ordre des Chimistes du Quebec".

He therefore combines the knowledge and know-how of these two disciplines to serve you better. He has worked in the food industry and in particular in the sectors of fishery products processing (fish, shellfish and crustaceans) and in the meat industry for many years as well as in the sector of the production of ingredients and processed products .

He has acquired valuable experience and greatly enhanced his expertise while he has been in charge of several agri-food establishments over the years with regard to:

His time spent in several research laboratories and the setting up of an ISO 17025 (ISO / CEI Guide 25) certified analysis laboratory have enabled him to add additional skills to his background of expertise and scientific knowledge and techniques already large.

Martin Michaud taught at the University of Montreal and McGill University part-time courses in analysis of food hazards as well as courses on safety and food safety. He continues to collaborate with Universities as requested.

Martin Michaud has been working as a Biochemist and Professional Chemist Consulting Expert for more than 8 years. He has carried out and continues to carry out numerous mandates with companies and organizations from several different sectors including:




Manufacturers of handicrafts

Restaurant operators

Government agencies


Recycling companies


Law offices

Engineering firms

Insurance companies

Sectoral associations

Hospital Centers

Fish harvestors

Fish and seafood processors

Meat Processors

Manufacturers of ingredients for animals


High-tech companies in automation (IoT)

Federaly and provincialy registered facilities

It is rich from all these interactions with companies from varied sectors that Martin Michaud continues to offer a high quality service allowing companies to meet their expectations by supporting them in achieving their objectives in order to carry out their projects.

He is available and ready to provide the assistance necessary to address problematic situations that arise in the context of operations, improving the efficiency of processes or implement, improve, innovate and develop , in collaboration with companies' representatives, not forgetting work on new processes as well as new approaches .

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