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Regulatory affairs as well as International Standards require constant, organized and structured monitoring

Good management of your regulatory affairs and adherence to international standards allows you to ensure that you are up to date on the compliance requirements and requirements applicable to your organization.

The Canadian regulatory system now has as one of its main foundation the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS; Did you know?

In addition, the use of documents incorporated by reference from the CFIA allows the regulatory authority to update regulatory compliance requirements without having to amend any law or regulation .

The other advantage is that you, the actors of the agrifood industry, can now request amendments to these documents incorporated by reference . This can be done directly by your company or through associations that represent the industry.

The regulatory environment, standards, rules and obligations

What does it change?

Well that makes it so that the rules of the game can change faster than you might have anticipated.

When you add to that the regulatory environment of the countries to which you import or export ; it can quickly become difficult to navigate.

The various international standards are often the responsibility of organizations which do not have direct jurisdiction over the Canadian food industry but which are linked to international obligations that Canada must respect such as animal health and welfare, with the rules and requirements of the OIE, the standards/norms established by the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS or the WHO , etc.

These are all important international standards depending on the sector of activity in which you are located and which must be taken into account in order to improve your regulatory and quality assurance programs.

We are able to assist you in the management of your regulatory affairs and in compliance with international standards in order to ensure that you avoid interruptions , recalls and financial penalties that could hinder the good conduct of your business while you ensuring to continue to supply the supply chain with quality products .

We are able to help and support you, even remotely, efficiently and quickly .

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