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Preparation of letter or certificate of non-objection and: requests for temporary marketing authorization, modification of documents incorporated by reference, authorization for packaging products, approval of a claim, new product approval, etc.

To manage it effectively

Contacting the regulatory authority doesn't have to be difficult and it is part of maintaining your compliance requirements so why not make it easier on yourself when possible.

As part of project management, the development of new products or special situations, you will most likely have to make requests for information, authorization, exemptions, or even to take advantage of certain temporary regulatory provisions, permissions, etc. etc ...

How to do it?

By using the options at your disposal and there are many.

Before using these options , it is important to check with your regulatory authority representative to see if your establishment has everything it takes to get your case through.

Once it's done; you still have to write your request. It is to your advantage to be systematic and to get straight to the point while using the documents and forms available, if applicable.

To write and send your request:

  • Be specific about what you want to achieve

  • Make sure you complete/fill out the required forms/documents

  • Make sure your staff and plant floor employees are aware of your request

  • Provide in appendix any proof or reference documents required

  • Make sure you meet deadlines or specific dates when specified

  • Do not implement or put forward anything before sending your request or receiving the response depending on the type of request

  • You can attach video material or other documents but avoid overloading your request

  • Do not hesitate to use the technical data and documents of your suppliers if it is relevant to do so

Why use or make these requests?

To take advantage of the permissions, authorizations and privileges that your agri-food establishment status that meets regulatory compliance requirements allows you to benefit from.

This can allow you, among other things:

  • To resolve regulatory compliance issues if a new way of doing things that did not exist until now is finally approved through such a request

  • Accelerate the time-to-market of products and make a first try

  • To have a new product approved for which no category exists in the regulations

  • To have a new packaging technology approved using newly developed and state-of-the-art materials

  • Approval of a chemical cleaning product, ingredient, additive, etc. which is approved elsewhere in the world

We are able to help you prepare your letters or certificate of non-objection and: requests for temporary marketing authorization, modification of documents incorporated by reference, for packaging products, approval of a claim, approval of a new product, etc. Well-prepared and validated requests will allow you to get what you want more quickly and efficiently in addition to continuing to meet regulatory and normative compliance requirements and those of your customers (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). You will get fewer non-compliances, this will help you maintain good relations with the regulatory authority and bring your projects to completion/success both from a regulatory and commercial point of view.

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