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Project management

Project management ... a tool for continuous improvement

Managing continuous improvement projects represents an interesting challenge in addition to allowing your company to progress and become more efficient or to develop new capacities ; but it is still necessary to have the time and the resource persons available to carry them out.

Are you able to carry out continuous improvement projects?

  • When was your last project conducted?

  • How much did it cost you in $, time, human and material resources, etc.?

  • What were its consequences/impacts?

  • Do you have a system that allows you to measure the achievement of objectives, costs , contingencies and delays of your projects?

  • Do you assess the cost-benefit ratio before starting a project?

  • Are you mobilizing your existing resources to carry out your projects?

  • If, yes are the projects carried out during regular hours?

  • In the evening or on weekends? With interns? Students during the summer?

In fact, all the answers are correct depending on the objectives you have set for yourself and the deadlines to meet in order to achieve your projects.

Projects can be an important source of motivation for your employees; but they can also quickly become an additional burden.

Good planning for projects bringing positive and beneficial long-term benefits

An integrated, documented and rigorous project management approach that emphasizes the achievement of objectives while taking into account the means at your disposal will yield better results.

It is important :

  • To have a detailed work plan including:

    • The steps to be carried out

    • Deadlines and priorities

    • Financial resources in a clear budget

    • Equipment and materials needed

    • Stakeholders and their responsibilities

    • Deliverables of all kinds and not just documents

  • Set time points to discuss the progress of the work, what has been done and what remains to be done

  • To discuss the pitfalls that could delay or even compromise a project

  • To have a manager who follows the entire project on a regular basis.

Remember that if you are doing projects; it is because you have identified a need and that you expect to obtain significant benefits or advantages from it. It is therefore interesting to complete them in the best possible way and at the best cost.

We are able to help you develop or even improve the way you manage your projects so that you are able to meet your objectives, especially if they are related to regulatory and normative compliance requirements and those of your customers ( including those stipulated in the GFSI standards).  This will simplify/streamline your approach, allow you to be more efficient, keep your team motivated and improve your processes while saving money.

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