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Remote consultation, support and help

Outsourcing, an efficient and common sense solution

The production operations, the daily hazards and all the turmoil of activities within a booming agribusiness facility often require quick and precise interventions from most of the staff.

Certain situations mean that we must sometimes consult an external resource .

In all cases where this occurs; it is important to assess the following factors:

  • Minimize costs

  • To choose the resource that can support us and help us quickly resolve the problem or situation that concerns us

  • Minimize production stoppages or delays , where applicable

  • Avoid wasted time due to unnecessary travel

  • Protection of industrial secrecy

Remote consultation and / or support

It is also a question of asking the right questions before bringing in an external resource for a consultation or remote support :

  • Identify the problem to be solved

  • Prepare technical and other details before contacting the resource

  • Is it necessary to have the person on site ?

  • How long will it take?

  • Who can actually come and come quickly?

  • Do we prioritize the best resource or the closest ?

Make the right decision to implement the right solution

The heat of the moment

Most of the time, if the external resource is aware of what is going on in your establishment or has mastered the technology or part of the process that requires intervention; telephone contact will be sufficient to solve the problem.

However, if that's not enough, here are some valuable tips:

  • Make sure your external resource has the minimum documentation on hand to understand what it is like plans/drawing/schematics, maintenance manuals, process diagram, inspection forms, photos, test results , etc.

  • A video contact will make this much easier and could solve your problem quite quickly.

  • Computer access to an instrument or to the diagnostic tools of certain machines can also adjust everything very quickly.

  • A video visit with exchanges of the immediate environment concerned by the problem is often useful to have a better overview including the inspection of products or the building for example.

The benefits of outsourcing

Benefiting from the consultation, the support and the remote assistance has its advantages, such as:

  • Be able to resolve an urgent situation when you do not have the expertise or in the absence of one of your specialists

  • Save precious time by doing business with an expert who will resolve the situation in no time

  • Avoid costly mistakes or worse, make the situation worse

  • Avoid non-necessary inspections and/or re-inspections of goods

  • Benefit from the services of an expert without the costs and time related to the trip

We are able to provide consulting services, support and remote support so that you are able to deal with situations that arise in your business; whether they be urgent or not. This will allow you to continue to meet regulatory compliance requirements, standards and those of your customers (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). This will also strengthen your approach , better assess possible scenarios by preparing for them , and better manage problematic situations , production stoppages and all other urgent situations in your establishment.

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