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MMNA Consultants Chimiste professionnel pour els laboratoires industriels

Expert consultant Chemist
for industrial laboratories

Specialties: ISO 17025, WHMIS 2015, GHS, Good Laboratory Practices, Management of hazardous materials, Sampling, Analysis results, Continuous improvement, Method validation, Preparation for audits and inspections, Laboratory set-up, Performance evaluation, Inter-laboratory Studies, Reference materials

Our sectors of activity and fields of intervention

MMNA Consultants has many years of experience in the industrial laboratory sector.

We work with industrial laboratories in the agri-food sector ranging from feed manufacturers to food manufacturers , processors , distributors , importers and exporters of food , as well as with industrial laboratories in the mining and cosmetic sectors, etc.

We also collaborate with state/government laboratories or those of hospitals.

We support industrial laboratories and state/government laboratories to achieve the following:

Our field of action is very wide, our expertise is diversified and our services are numerous .

Our approach: targeting efficiency and achieving the objectives of our clients

We take into account your successes and what you have in hand before going any further. The development of simple and easy- to-use programs is part of our portfolio, as is the optimization of analytical methods and their validation, Good Laboratory Practices, management of hazardous materials , disposal of laboratory waste, etc., with the aim of remaining compliant with regulatory requirements, applicable standards and customer requirements.

The use of analytical data, complaint data and dashboards are also part of the means we use to maximize the efficiency of processes and reduce operating costs.

Expert in regulatory affairs and international standards

Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory affairs (Quebec, Canada, USA, EU) and international standards such as ISO 17025 allows our customers to simplify their operations/processes by staying up to date as well as keeping a slight head start to avoid non-compliances.

Participation and collaboration in many large-scale projects

In addition, we have contributed/participated in the strategic planning of many large-scale projects, in the evaluation of many state/government laboratories as well as in the support of industrial laboratories in many sectors and several countries .

We work with key stakeholdersexecutives, suppliers, customers and regulatory authority representatives on a regular basis.

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