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Operational security assessment

Operate in optimal conditions; it also includes operational safety and peace of mind

Operational safety is everyone's business and it is organized

In order to ensure that your operations take place in the best possible conditions; it is essential to ensure that:

  • Security measures are respected and applied at all times

  • That the protective equipments are available

  • That the start-up routine (s) and the preparation of machines and equipment are carried out, respected and applied correctly

  • That staff are familiar with the crisis management program and are ready to respond

This is to ensure that all possible scenarios of a situation involving personnel safety have been examined and analyzed.

Operational safety also includes equipment

Operational security, also includes equipment safely operated and a safe work environment including, among others, the following:

  • Emergency stop systems are in place, functional , checked and tested regularly

  • Equipment with double level safety and/or requiring two-handed operation by a single person in place, and functional , checked and tested regularly

  • Emergency alert systems in place, and functional, checked and tested regularly

  • A routine checking and regular testing of all machine safety devices

  • Sprinkler systems in place, functional, checked and tested regularly

  • Retention or evacuation systems for hazardous materials ( chemicals, hot, corrosive mixtures, liquids circulating at high pressure, etc.) in place, functional, checked and tested regularly

  • Emergency mechanical support systems with immediate effect on the equipment or machine and having priority over the digital controls in place, functional, checked and tested regularly

And the list could go on and on!

Operational safety is the essential basis for the smooth running of your operations and one of the most important prerequisites to avoid accidents and engaging in crisis management procedures.

How to improve your operational safety and work more efficiently with peace of mind

By carrying out a detailed operational safety assessment of each of your operations or sequences of operations and identifying what can go wrong.

This approach can also be part of a diagnosis of operations, of a production optimization process or even of the revision of the crisis management plan itself.

We are able to help you carry out an operational security assessment of your establishments so that you are in control and that security is not an issue that prevents you from meeting regulatory, normative and compliance requirements or the ones from your clients (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). This will make it possible to bring more fluidity to your operations , to obtain better scores during regulatory visits/audits by the CNESST for example or that of certain customers. It will save you time, it will facilitate the training of your staff and it will help improve your productivity.

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