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Bioterrorism, sabotage, adulteration and falsification

The issues, challenges and management of the unforeseen and the unforeseeable

Unfortunately acts of terrorism seem to be on the increase and no country is spared. This is why countries like the United States have taken great steps to institute a national program to combat terrorism , the C-TPAT . In addition, FSMA rules oblige all companies in the food sector to set up a “ Food Defense ” system.

It is therefore a safe bet that these requirements will not soften in time. Besides, most operatrors now require their clients have a program to fight bioterrorism or food defense in addition to measures to prevent sabotage and adulteration of food products.

The establishment of a prevention and protection program

Have you implemented a prevention program against bioterrorism, sabotage, adulteration and falsification?

  • If yes which one?

  • Has it been updated recently?

  • What is the scope of your program ?

  • Does your program meet the compliance requirements applicable to your facility and/or situation?

With bioterrorism also comes sabotage or any gesture aimed at harming your business or leading to adulteration and/or falsification of foodstuffs/agri- food products, whether with the aim of causing harm to human health or to human beings or with fiscal or economic intention/purposes.  Protect against bioterrorism, sabotage, adulteration and/or falsification; it is an important and common sense insurance policy, regardless of the program implemented.

Where should you start? ... by valuing and recovering all the good moves you have made!

Where to start:

  • You need to properly assess the risks and focus on the most probable scenarios while also taking into account the worst scenarios.

  • No one wants to face or manage these situations ; but you better be prepared.

  • There are several programs and/or ways to do this but the most important is to start with regulatory compliance requirements and customer requirements or the standards applicable in your sector

  • Many of the products you manufacture come with a tamper-evident seal , coding system, and are transported in sealed trucks , etc.; and these are fundamental elements of a program to combat bioterrorism, sabotage, adulteration and falsificaiton.

  • To this it is necessary to add the reinforcement of security around your establishments , computer security , movement and identification of people, etc.

Have you validated your controls and security measures?

Where are you at?

We are able to help you develop, implement or improve your program to fight against bioterrorism, sabotage, adulteration and/or falsification so that you are able to meet regulatory compliance requirements, stadards and those of your customers (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). This will also strengthen your approach , better assess the possible scenarios by preparing for them as well as better manage the circulation in your establishments in order to reduce threats while being more in control of what goes on in there on a daily basis.

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