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Preventive and predictive maintenance programs, management tools and specialized software

Preventive maintenance, an investment

The equipment, materials and devices used in the food industry are increasingly sophisticated and suppliers are modifying and adapting them so that they are at the cutting edge of technology and scientific advances.

Maintenance is made easier by the fact that technology is taking up more and more space and is now an integral part of most equipment in the food industry. However, maintenance remains the cornerstone of the proper functioning of equipment . The key is knowing when , how and why to intervene on each piece of equipment or device.

The evolution of preventive maintenance programs now makes it possible to apply predictive maintenance strategies that serve to minimize preventive maintenance ...

No one can now afford to let go of one or more pieces of equipment or be content to patch it up with the means at hand without maintaining it without loss of performance or significant slowing down of operations.

Preventive and predictive maintenance can therefore pay you big in addition to allowing you to continue to meet regulatory and normative compliance requirements and those of your clients .

Preventive, predictive maintenance, etc.

Regular and adequate maintenance makes it possible to:

  • Maintain and improve productivity

  • Helps to create/ensure a safe working environment

  • Allows continued compliance with compliance requirements

  • Avoid mechanical stops and interruptions

  • Extend the useful life of an equipment or device

  • Maintain the performance of an equipment or device

  • Reduce costs of use and repair

There are several levels of maintenance:

  • Individual management : as and when there is a breakage or a problem

  • Preventive/Planned : repairs or replaces at fixed intervals whether there is a breakage or a problem or not

  • Depending on the condition of the equipment : as soon as you detect the start of a sign of wear or that a part will be replaced soon via a detector or a probe installed/placed within the equipment

  • Predictive: based on exchanges of information between equipment and software or an artificial intelligence system that guides you on the work, repairs, maintenance or part changes to be made to maximize the performance and life of a equipment

It can go a long way.

Maintenance, design and cleaning

As an operator of the food industry, you also have the obligation to choose equipment which is:

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to assemble/disassemble for inspection/cleaning

  • Manufactured from metals that do not give off toxic substances or contaminants and withstand cleaning and sanitizing conditions

  • Manufactured for intended use unless modified to validate everything

  • Safe to operate

In addition to the guides provided by manufacturers/suppliers, standards in terms of sanitary design of equipment are a very important element to consider to ensure that your equipment will be adequate and comply with regulatory compliance requirements, standards and those of your customers .

Maintenance management tools

The monitoring and management of maintenance is what allows you to have the correct information on the state of your equipment and devices. Whether your maintenance activities are documented on paper or using software, your monitoring must be up to date and well documented .

There are tools based on digital technologies that are easy to use and will make your job much easier.

For example, imagine that you are audited or inspected and asked when was the maintenance or adjustment of a particular machine. These digital tools can help you answer in seconds with a digital tablet or cell phone.

It's simple , efficient , it requires very little knowledge in addition to being based on current and easily accessible technologies . The biggest chunks are putting the basic information of all your equipment and devices into a database and planning maintenance activities. Ad hoc maintenance and part change activities can even integrate automatically and be taken into account in the planning.

We are able to help you develop, implement or improve your preventive maintenance system and possibly upgrade it to a predictive system so that you are able to meet regulatory, normative and compliance requirements of your clients (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). This will simplify the monitoring of the maintenance of your equipment, your devices and even your building in addition to providing you with a tool rich in exploitable data that can be used for training as well as for continuous improvement while contributing to prevent many problems; which in turn will save you time and money.

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