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Resolution of CARs and non-compliances

Effectiveness, resolution of CARs and non-compliances

Everyone in the food industry agrees that this is not the most glamorous or fun part of the job. On the other hand, this work must be done and well done.

The more efficient you will be in resolving DACs and non-conformities :

  • The more your operations will be fluids

  • The Less risk you will to have CARs or major non-compliances

  • The more pleasant your relationship with the regulatory authority will be

  • The more you will save time and money by putting your efforts in continuous improvement instead of solving problems

The resolution of CARs and non-compliances concerns all staff members and not just the quality team. It is through avoiding looking for culprits and adopting a team-based approach that you will increase your efficiency.

There are many problem-solving methods available, but once again the best method will be the one that suits each case and the one that is easiest for you to use. You don't want to go to Mars every time; it costs too much !

Problem solving methods

The main important points to consider when choosing a problem solving approach/method are:

  • Focus on identifying the root causes as the first step

  • Use documents, procedures and work instructions, results of monitoring, analysis, etc. that you have in your own hands and which are your working tools

  • Don't look for culprits

  • Work as a team

  • Carry out and document an investigation gathering tangible evidence and objective proofs

  • Involve production staff

  • Do not hesitate to contact representatives of the regulatory authority or audit firms in order to fully understand the CAR or the non-compliance

  • Do not hesitate to seek help from an external resource such as suppliers, consultants, applied research institutions, etc.

  • Do a post-mortem as soon as possible after receiving the CAR or the non-compliance

  • To ensure that there is only one person in charge in order to avoid confusion and cacophony

Among the main methods that can be used to resolve problems related to CARs and non-compliances are:

  • Cause and effect diagrams

  • The 5W2H : Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and How much

  • FMEA

  • Root Cause Analysis and Identification

  • Brainstorming


Resolve a CAR or a non-compliance

To solve a CAR or non-compliance effectively and prevent recurrence, it is essential to have a procedure that explains your approach and how you use it. Documenting this in a procedure allows you to be prepared and avoid shooting all over the place when a CAR or non-compliance is issued to your estasblishment.

You will avoid panic, you will be able to gather valuable information by carrying out a post-mortem quickly and by exchanging with the people who were directly involved, etc. Your most valuable assets are problem-solving methods. Remember that you have the freedom to apply the methods that seem most relevant to you in each case.

We are able to help you develop, implement or even improve your strategy, your procedure or your methods for resolving CARs and non-compliances so that you are able to minimize and prevent recurrence as well as comply with regulatory and normative compliance requirements and those of your customers (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). This will allow you to react quickly and demonstrate that you are able to resolve CARs and non-compliances quickly and efficiently while allowing a rapid return to normal for your operations.  In the end, having CARs or non-compliances in not an issue as long as  your quality system handles them appropriately and efficiently.  On top of that, you will save time and money.

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