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Contact with applied research establishments

An unexplored, unexploited resource to discover
which can, in addition, bring you a lot from all points of view

Applied research institutions are organizations that often provide help and support that would not otherwise be available because of the costs involved or the availability of certain advanced equipment or technology.

Why contact and take advantage of the services offered by applied research institutions?

  • Because they offer the possibility of doing tests , tests that could not be done in your establishments such as those involving the handling of pathogens for example

  • Because it is possible to get grants to conduct R & D activities

  • Because they have very specialized scientific and technical resources that the vast majority of food establishments or companies do not have

  • Because they are linked to the scientific community on a global scale

  • Because they can carry out projects in collaboration with you and assess their feasibility while you continue to produce and operate your establishments

  • Because they help and guide you in choosing the best technologies and equipment and because it is possible to evaluate and use them in a non-regulated and inspected context

  • Because your investments in R&D give right to tax credits for your company

How to get in touch with applied research establishments

Share problematic:

One of the best ways to do this is to get in touch with the relevant establishment (s) by telling them about a problem that you want to solve or an innovation that you would like to implement without having to test it in your establishment .


Departments and agencies (provincial and federal) that offer grants and/or loan guarantees for innovative projects, up-to-level development of new niches, automation, etc. are, most of the time, closely associated and/or in direct communication with the main applied research establishments . If you approach an applied research institution with a potential funding source, their receptivity will certainly be better .

Self-funded project:

Approaching an applied research establishment with a well-defined and self-funded turnkey project is also a more than promising avenue .


Many applied research establishments need concrete projects that are well anchored in reality because they use them to obtain research grants from the major granting agencies. When you approach them with an industrial problem and the opportunity to become their industrial partner and the possibility that their students can benefit from the project as part of their master or Ph.D. studies; it is also a considerable advantage.

Several possible approaches to innovate

There are certainly many other ways to do it but the good thing about it is that it certainly can help you to improve and better; to innovate !

We are able to assist you in establishing contacts with applied research institutions across Canada and even abroad . We can also support you in your R&D initiatives and projects. It can become a unique opportunity to find a solution to a problem, to develop new, more efficient methods , to implement technologies that will optimize your operations, etc. It can also make it easier for you to continue to meet regulatory, normative and customer compliance requirements (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). Finally, it can also allow you to become a leader in your field and to position yourself to gain significant competitive advantages .

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