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Consultant expert for the food industry and

MMNA CONSULTANTS, Biochemist and professional chemist offers you its expert consulting services in agri-food and industrial laboratories.

Consultants agroalimentaire pour la production et programme qualité et exigences de conformité réglementaires

Consulting expert and Biochemist specialized for the Agriculture and Agrifood sector

SFCR, GMP, PCP, GFSI, BRC, SQF, Global Gap, Import-Export, Labeling, Regulatory Compliance, Hygiene and Food Safety, Training Program, Food Allergy and Allergens, Continuous Improvement, Food Recalls, Crisis Management

MMNA Consultants offers specialized services in agriculture and agrifood.

We intervene from farm to table in matters relating to regulatory affairs or quality programs as well as in production improvement, shelf life determination or to offer training .

We have a very extensive scientific and technical knowledge base combined with a great deal of practical experience.

This allows us to offer operators in the food industry efficient and sustainable solutions for:

  • your quality programs

  • your regulatory compliance programs

  • your import-export operations

  • your preventive maintenance, food recalls or crisis management programs

In addition, we make sure that these solutions are adapted to your needs and that they take into account your reality.

Our concern for quality de facto includes that of productivity as well as that of the efficiency of processes and procedures. Compliance with regulations ( SFCR ) and standards such as GMPs , implementation of PCP , GFSI , SQF , Global Gap , etc. is also part of our approach. The use of your production data, your data, on complaints and your non-conformities can quickly be transformed into a strategy for continuous improvement and savings that sometimes turn out to be recurring .

Laboatoires Industrels

Expert consultant Chemist for Industrial Laboratories

ISO 17025, WHMIS 2015, GHS, Good Laboratory Practices, Management of hazardous materials, Sampling, Analysis results, Continuous improvement, Method validation, Preparation for audits and inspections, Laboratory set-up, Performance evaluation, Inter- laboratory studies/comparisons, Reference materials

MMNA Consultants offers specialized services to industrial laboratories in all sectors .

We are involved in many aspects of the operation of industrial laboratories including:

  • Validation of analytical methods

  • hazardous materials management - WHMIS 2015-GHS

  • Setting up a laboratory in an agrifood establishment

  • The choice, use and preparation of reference materials

  • Participation in performance evaluations and inter-laboratory studies

  • Preparation for audits and inspections for the ISO 17025 standard or others

  • Good Laboratory Practices - GLP

  • Interpretation of test results

  • Subcontracting and the choice of subcontractors

  • Sampling and sampling plans

  • The choice of equipment

  • Continuous improvement programs

Our expertise in the establishment , start-up, operation and improvement of the performance of industrial laboratories is an undeniable asset for our customers who seek to generate or obtain valid and recognized results while minimizing costs as well as respecting compliance requirements and/or applicable standards such as ISO 17025, WHMIS 2015, GHS and Good Laboratory Practices .

MMNA Consultants chimiste expert au service des laboratoires industriels

MMNA Consultants, Biochemist, Professional Chemist, M.Sc. Biology

The start of MMNA Consultants is the result of a long reflection process on the best ways of doing things in the agrifood and industrial laboratory sectors. It is also a desire to share the last 35 years spent working in these sectors here in Quebec and in Canada as well as internationally in many countries.

Extensive know-how based on a solid background of scientific and technical knowledge:

MMNA Consultants offers practical solutions based on scientific and technical knowledge allowing the use of simple approaches that aim to give our clients the greatest possible flexibility and autonomy .

A consultant is like a toolbox ; you don't need your tools every morning to start the toaster , or an electrician to change a light bulb!

Efficient and sustainable solutions for your industry:

One of the cornerstones of our working philosophy is to offer you efficient and sustainable solutions that take your reality into account. We adapt to your pace and we maximize what you already have before developing anything else or suggesting that you invest .

Our mantra: Quality at the root of success

Solid and reliable expertise:

Provide solid and reliable expertise as well as solutions with a proven scientific basis and which take into account our experience in the field, in food factories and in industrial laboratories while promoting the know-how / expertise of the client in order to promote sustainability and the assumption of responsibility by the latter for the future.

Our extensive knowledge of regulatory affairs and standards such as labeling, training programs, GMPs, the implementation of PCP, GFSI, SQF, Global Gap, Gap Canada, ISO 17025, WHMIS 2015, GHS, Good laboratory practices , regulations on hazardous materials , sampling , interpretation of analysis results , continuous improvement and validation of analysis methods are the foundations of our expertise allowing us to offer you quality services and ingenious solutions .





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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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