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Commercial and nutrition labeling

Labels, commercial or nutritional, are the most valuable showcase of your products. Take care of it!

Labels are there to introduce your products , to describe them, to help you sell them and also to guide consumers in their purchasing decisions.

Labels are subject to compliance requirements well defined by the regulatory authority , regardless of the level of jurisdiction. These comercial/trade and nutritional labeling requirements can be relatively simple as in the case of fresh fruits and vegetables or much more complicated as in the case of cooked and processed products.

The basic rule is quite simple : avoid misleading consumers. It is one of the main foundations of labeling laws and regulations.

Commercial labeling

These are the essential mandatory elements that any food label must include to meet compliance requirements :

  • The common name of the product

  • List of ingredients and declaration of allergens

  • The declaration of net quantity

  • The name and address of the manufacturer or company importing or distributing the product

  • Conservation guidelines

  • The best before date if the product keeps 90 days or less

  • The country of origin if it is an imported food or the declaration "Imported for" or "Imported by"

  • Country of origin may be mandatory for certain types of product

  • Nutritional label

  • Declaration of sweeteners , if applicable

  • Claims on the nature of the product such as:

    • Vegan

    • Organic

    • Kosher

    • Halal

  • It should be noted that the claims must be documented and officially validated by third parties who will issue certificates of compliance with recognized norms or standards.

It is important to keep in mind that all of this must occupy a certain space , that it must be presented in a way that is legible and that marketing and claims made on products may be subject to additional rules which may sometimes be binding .

Nutritional labeling

It is about declaring the nutritional value of your products by including the basic parameters to which we can add a whole panoply of nutrients in order to promote them or quite simply to stand out .

Nutrition labeling also includes a set of very strict rules regarding presentation and content. In addition, the data used for nutritional labeling can be obtained through laboratory analyzes or by using the nutritional data of the various components of your products. There are also specialized softwares that do this with sufficient precision to meet compliance requirements .

We are able to help and support you with the commercial and nutritional labeling of your products. This will allow you to have complete labels for your products that you can promote while meeting the many regulatory requirements . This will help improve your level of regulatory and normative compliance as well as meeting your customers ' requirements while making sure you label your products the right way the first time . Finally, this will have the advantage of avoiding withdrawals or costly product recalls due to labeling errors while saving time/money and making you more efficient.

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