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Outsourcing services

Exploit the know-how of others

Agribusiness firms often use external resources or subcontractors and mostly for project or specific needs. It sometimes happens that it becomes recurring as in the case of maintenance of specific machines or devices via service agreements or pre-established contracts during the purchase.

On the other hand, the 2020 pandemic made everyone realize that teleworking or occasional on-site interventions can become an interesting and effective asset from several points of view. such as:

  • The use of an external resource for:

    • Inspect or check raw materials or products

    • Change/correct/adjust a parameter on a machine or a production line

    • Obtain an opinion on compliance requirements

    • Check and validate Import-Export documents

    • Check and validate analysis reports for official reporting

    • Guide and supervise staff in the event of a recall or crisis

    • Etc.

  • Allow staff to work remotely to use the space otherwise

  • Hold meetings more easily without anyone needing to travel

This gives rise to interesting innovations such as taking advantage of the expertise of a specialist on an ad hoc basis and as needed without having to hire him. This has already been common practice in the multimedia industry for a while with content specialists who handle promotional pages or manage websites, blogs, etc. on behalf of a third party, etc.

It is therefore a question of taking advantage of the know-how of specialists in all fields, without having to:

  • Provide physical space

  • Manage the hours of physical presence and access to your establishment

  • Provide office or computer equipment

  • Pay bonuses , fringe benefits , insurance

  • Etc.

What services or expertise can we manage in outsourcing?

Most of the services/activities that do not require human intervention without which an operation cannot be carried out are potentially manageable by outsourcing. It is therefore automatically excluded that human resources can be managed remotely and it is rather rare for companies in the agri-food sector to entrust them to third parties. Employment agencies can be regarded as an exception since they manage groups of workers but not all the staff of a company.

For example, several companies entrust the hiring of foreign workers or the collection of debts through collection services or the payroll service itself.

The work can therefore be done in outsourcing for all positions that only need to be on site for a few hours a week or a few days a month.

Where to start?

The best strategy is to start with situations that need to be resolved quickly and which would slow down your operations if you had to remove one of your resources to deal with them.

Here are some examples:

  • Go to inspect a raw material at one or more suppliers

  • Go to inspect finished products with customers who have complaints

  • Check import/export eligibility

  • Provide the list of documents required for export or import and assistance in completing them

  • Inspect lots of detained products

  • Sample products or raw materials for external analysis

  • Find and recommend a laboratory for subcontracting

  • Check the compliance of your commercial and nutritional labels

  • Etc.

We are able to provide you with professional outsourcing services so that you can continue to produce and maintain your cruising speed allowing you to meet your performance goals while continuing to meet regulatory, normative and compliance requirements. those of your customers (including those stipulated in the GFSI standards). This will allow you to be more efficient, to have access to and benefit from professional resources that you could not afford to hire or need to have on site full time.

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