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Business intelligence

World trade data is an important source of information to tap into that could save you a lot of money!

  • Are your raw materials and finished products subject to seasonal price changes?

  • Which country can provide you with your raw materials at the best price ?

  • Which country is the most advantageous to import a particular raw material?

  • Which country offers you the best price for your finished products ?

  • Do you know the price trends/variations in the medium and short term?

  • What do you do if the price of a raw material or finished product starts to increase and/or decrease ?

Big Data and the study of the price trends of your raw materials and finished products as well as the origins of your raw materials will save you time and money while reducing the effort required to stay on the lookout and make interesting gains.  This is business intelligence!

Some solutions are offered by companies that specialize in this type of service but their prices are often exorbitant and these companies unfortunately know very little, if any, of the regulatory compliance requirements governing food trade between countries on a planetary scale.

The beauty of it is that you can leverage public data to build your business intelligence strategy.  There are several data sources available that provide similar and/or different information but the secret lies in the way to put them together and use them to establish or improve your overall business intelligence strategy.

These data allow you, among other things, to know:

  • Which countries export the same raw materials and/or products to the same places as you

  • Which countries import the same raw materials and/or products from the same places as you

  • Volumes and landed prices for raw materials and finished products

  • The history of exchanges over the months and years that you can use to identify trends and make better decisions

  • Give you an excellent idea of the competition in certain destinations or potential sources of supply in terms of volume and price

  • Allow you to identify potentially interesting destinations and sources from the point of view of the possibility of doing business

We are able to help you establish, implement or improve your business intelligence strategy.  This will simplify your efforts to research potential markets and prevent you from entering markets that are already saturated.  This will allow you to assess how to pay the right price for your raw materials taking advantage of seasonal price changes or price changes depending on the location from which you are importing.  This will allow you to stay on the lookout, to be more efficient and able to adjust quickly to take advantage of the best opportunities both for import and export .

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