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Internal audits: the key to generating operational effectiveness and efficiency gains

Do you perform internal audits?

If yes :

1- In what format?

2- How often?

3- How?

4- Who are the auditors?

5- What do you do with audit reports?

So many questions that will allow you to identify opportunities for continuous improvement that will have a good pay back:

1- From an operational point of view

2- From the point of view of managing your resources:

a. Human

b. Financial

c. Materials

d. Etc.

3- From the point of view of compliance with requirements:

a. Normative

b. Regulatory

c. Clients

d. The ones you require from your suppliers

e. Countries to which you export

The benefits of internal audit

One of the important advantages of the internal audit is that you carry it out yourself without there being any sanction or monitoring by a third-party organization. In other words, it is an opportunity to validate for yourself if all is well and to correct the situation.

It is also a way to ensure that you remain compliant without being monitored. This becomes rather important especially considering that many normative systems, benchmarking requirements and/or third-party audits now incorporate unannounced audits.

Another advantage is that since it is your audit and your audit system; you have the freedom to carry out the internal audit in chunks or parts that you can distribute throughout the year.

You can involve representatives from each area or department of your business to ensure that most employees are aware of the compliance programs and requirements that apply to your business. This stimulates interest in these programs and makes staff realize their importance from all points of view.

Ultimately, it all becomes more interesting and manageable for everyone.

You don't have an internal audit program yet?

You need an external, independent and neutral expert eye to help update your current internal audit program?

Want to improve and revamp your current internal audit program?

We are trained by the Standards Council of Canada for internal audits based on the ISO 19011 standard

Get in touch with us:


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